The Toxic Truth About Sugar

Robert H. Lustig, Laura A. Schmidt, Claire D. BrindisThe Toxic Truth About SugarNature

482, 27–29, (02 February 2012).  (Full Article)

Article Summary:

  • Sugar consumption is linked to a rise in non-communicable disease
  • Sugar’s effects on the body can be similar to those of alcohol
  • Regulation could include tax, limiting sales during school hours and placing age limits on purchase

This article from the prestigious journal, Nature, raises interesting questions.

The rising number of Americans qualifying as morbidly obese has made this condition a primary worldwide public health issue.  The worldwide obesity map seems very similar to the worldwide sugar supply use.  I am not sure that regulations such as a sugar tax will curb the obesity epidemic, but this remains an important issue to follow.

What do you think is the solution to the morbid obesity epidemic?  Could sugar be public enemy number 1?


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